Why Experience Matters When It Comes to Botox Injections

May 26, 2020

Botox® is a popular and effective way to reduce the severity of wrinkles and lines that make you look older than your age. At Monroe OBGYN, Soudabeh Ahadi, MD offers Botox injections in our office to restore your youthful appearance without the need for surgical incisions or downtime.

While Botox therapy is easily accessible, it’s very important that you receive treatment only from a trained and experienced provider, like Dr. Ahadi.

Understanding the benefits of Botox

Botox is a prescription injectable that focuses on the nerve signals in the muscles responsible for wrinkles and lines around your eyes (crow’s feet) and along your brow line. The medication temporarily disrupts nerve signals and paralyzes these muscles to help them relax.

As your muscles become less tense, your skin smooths out and moderate to severe wrinkles that age you go away. The results of Botox injections are immediate and long-lasting.

Why Botox experience is important

Botox therapy involves precise injections of Botox in certain areas of your face. If your provider isn’t experienced in customizing treatments to your specific needs, it can result in noticeably bad results and potentially long-term complications.

Dr. Ahadi has extensive experience in creating Botox treatment plans to ensure optimal results that look and feel natural. If you rely on someone without proper training and experience, it can result in issues like:


Inserting a needle into your body always carries risks. Inexperienced technicians injecting Botox can cause skin damage that leads to noticeable, large bruises that take weeks to fade.

As an experienced provider of Botox, Dr. Ahadi takes great care to provide precise injections that don’t damage underlying structures or surrounding skin.

Frozen-face appearance

When too much Botox is injected into your forehead or around your eyes, it can limit all muscle movement and result in a frozen, unnatural look. The goal of Botox therapy is to soften your facial features and eliminate wrinkles while still ensuring you can make normal facial expressions.

Too much droop

Injecting Botox into the wrong locations on your brow or around your eyes can lead to saggy areas of skin. This is especially common around your eyelids, leading to droopy eyelids that can interfere with your vision.

Dr. Ahadi focuses on injecting Botox only to the areas where you need them most to firm up the skin around your eyes and give them a younger, more alert appearance.

Waste of time and money

There are some situations where people undergo Botox therapy with an inexperienced provider and receive no results at all. This is a waste of time and money for you and can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. Ineffective treatments can also make you less confident in achieving results without more invasive procedures.

Experience equals optimal results

Dr. Ahadi specializes in customizing Botox therapy plans that ensure your results always look natural and benefit your overall appearance. She takes time to discuss the areas of your face you’re most unhappy with because of moderate to severe wrinkles and lines, in order to create the right treatment plan for Botox injections.

As a trained Botox provider, Dr. Ahadi also understands just how much Botox you need during your treatment to maximize your results without creating complications.

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror at too many lines and wrinkles, consider the many benefits of minimally invasive Botox therapy. You can schedule your personalized skin evaluation with Dr. Ahadi by calling Monroe OBGYN or by requesting an appointment online today.

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